Week 3 Using Shake Weight

After my first 3 weeks of using the Shake Weight I am getting a bit more stronger and decided to start being more aggressive on my workout.  In order to get a good workout, you have to start getting rough with the weight.  The faster you shake, the more burn you will feel and develop stronger muscles.  In the process the flab under the arms goes away as well.  So far, I recommend this for anyone trying to tone their arms without putting on to much muscle.

Week 2, 1st workout

I did not do the shake weight for three days.  The rest was good and I found myself able to shake a little faster than before.  I struggled a little bit through the work outs but I was able to do the final workout on the men’s dvd without having to switch hands.  I forced myself through it.  My arms do feel very tired and it was a great work out trying to push myself.  It definitely raised my heart rate.  So far I am satisfied with Shake Weight and I am glad I purchased it.

Day 7, week 1 of the workout

I have completed one week of the workout and so far I like my results.  My arms look bigger and feel stronger.  I plan to rest for two days in just to give my arms some healing time.   I always feel something after each session and I am getting closer to being able to complete the 75 second workout without having to switch hands. I have gotten my time down to 50 seconds before switching.  i used to have to switch every 15 seconds on the last workout but that is no longer the case.

Day 5 Using Shake Weight

My fifth day using this thing is definitely helping.  My arms feel tighter.  I am debating if i should take off the weekend using this and let my body rest a little as you would for a traditional workout.  It is getting easier for me to complete the whole 6 minute video that comes with the shake weight since i know exactly how long I am doing it for.